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Predicting Dickens: 7-12

Predicting Dickens


Artistic Intrepretation, Carrie Roy:

A steamer trunk full of data to even begin exploring the unfinished chapters of Dickens' The Mystery of Edwin Drood


Literary Interpretation: The two novels we've selected to compare against Edwin Drood are Bleak House and Martin Chuzzlewit. We picked Bleak House because it is in some ways the most thematically similar to Edwin Drood since it is in Bleak House that Dickens develops his take on the detective genre with the mystery surrounding Lady Dedlock and the inquisitive, proto-detective figure, Inspector Bucket, who unravels the mystery. Martin Chuzzlewit was chosen because it has a similar generational makeup, with the older patriarchal figure having an impact on his younger protege (an impact that leads, however indirectly, to a life-threatening situation for the protege - initially in Martin Chuzzlewit and permanently in Edwin Drood). The results we have from our Narrative Threads tool also corroborate my intuitive selection of Bleak House and Martin Chuzzlewit as the two novels we should choose. Both novels were also published in monthly intallments, which also makes them, on the grounds of their publication, fitting matches for Edwin Drood, which was itself published in monthly installments.


Statistical Interpretation and Code: evaluating word length, chapter length, installment length, character numbers, character gender, unique words, total words, narrative profile, and more